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The Internet has opened the world of Genealogy to anyone who wants to find their ancestors.

An Internet search on "Genealogy" will bring about 228 million hits.  That is a daunting number for the beginner.  I will search through that number to find links to YOUR heritage.

For twenty ($20) dollars you will get a print out of your family tree with the information you have provided and with what I can find in two hours of web surfing using my expertise.  Recently a couple was visiting and I found and printed out pages from the 1930 census for three of their four parents in less than twenty minutes.  Where were your parents or grandparents in 1930?

Another search for a friend resulted in four photographs from circa 1915 of her father as an animal trainer with four beautiful tigers.

You will also receive an honest opinion if there is more to find on the net by continuing researching.  The hourly charge will be $12.00.

What I need from you to start:

Names, dates and place of births and deaths but not of any one living (Do not give data on living people to anyone you do not know, ever!).  Try to provide information back to 1930 since most data between now and 1930 are justifiably hard to find.  Do not worry if you don't know the exact dates; even a guess is helpful. Please, Please print clearly.
Send this data along with a check or money order for $20 to:

Fred Hendrick
30849 Old Santiam Hwy
Lebanon, OR 97355

If you have any questions call between 10 Am and 8 PM, 541 258-3734 or email me.

To see the type of data that can be found have a look at http://www.woodlyn.net/D0/I0000011.HTM